Tom Mahon - Curriculum vitae

About Me

I have always been passionate about people and problems. 

Since a a young age I've always been interested in how people and things work. I've never been happy with just accepting something for what it is. Even as a kid I would always find myself taking toys apart in an attempt to figure out exactly what is happening and why it is happening.  I've been very lucky to be able to apply this passion to my career. 

I have always driven myself to be great at anything I apply myself to. I see every job as further education and an opportunity to grow my skillset. This has allowed me to apply myself to a range of different opportunities ranging from video editing to web design and SEO. Even in technical roles, people have always been the forefront of my concerns. I find learning how people work one of the most interesting things in any role. Learning what a customer/client wants before they even know they want it is a skill that I believe is one of the most important aspects in almost any role.

Work Experience


Product Expert

Jun 2017 - Present

As a Product Expert in HubSpot my role is to represent both a product team and the support team. From a support perspective my role consists of addressing and triaging any technical escalations through jira along with constructing and delivering training to support reps. This meant I would frequently work with support management and L&D to ensure support reps were properly armed with information to address any cases that may come in from customers.

I quickly became a specialist working with the Forms team and the Conversion Optimisation team. As part of these teams I would act as a voice of the customer to the triad and the team as a whole. I sit in on triad discussions and roundtables for both teams. This gives me a great insight into the planning and design stages of any new updates. It also allows me to voice any concerns or interests in any new features we may be rolling out.

I frequently work with the PM, Designers and Tech Leads to minimise customer pain on any of our tools. This includes analysing support case data, analysing product usage, customer interviews, workshops and listening to pain from our services teams. 

Since mid 2020 I have been acting Product Manager for the forms and feedback team, ensuring all milestones are hit and ensuring the team has been able to run smoothly. I have delivered multiple new product releases during this time while also not allowing any decline in my Product Expert Skills. 



Customer Support Specialist

May 2016 - Jun 2017

As part of the support team my day to day role was to address customer support tickets through phone and email. 

Over time I began to take on other projects as part of this role. This included being the first rep to test out live chat support before it was rolled out to a wider customer base and becoming a design specialist within support. 

I was also chosen to be the sole support rep for the "leadin" product. This meant working closely with the product team to feedback customer pain and discuss solutions. 

FCR Media

Web Designer

May 2013 - May 2016

As part of the web services team within FCR my role included a lot of different aspects of designing and managing a clients websites. This started with creating a brief with a customer based on their requirements and was handled by me throughout the entire wireframing and UI design stage of the project. Most packages were sold as a service so account management with the customer for the website was also handled by me. 

Once we had fleshed out a brief with the customer, wireframe demos were designed within photoshop for approval. All aspects of visitor flow and usability were discussed in detail. For smaller projects this wireframe would be passed over with notes to an external team to develop on our CMS. On larger projects it was my role to build this out completely. 

This role also included continually improving SEO and organic marketing for customers to ensure they have visibility within search results. 


Shay Redmon - HubSpot

Danielle Walters - Hubspot

Will DeKrey - Hubspot

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